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Case Study: Phishing Scam on YouTube's Home Page

Explore how a phishing scam manages to promote itself to the YouTube Homepage, evading detection and posing a risk to users.

Rabbit's R1 Hardware Device promotion image


Rabbit R1: Hardware Meets AI

A brand new device that takes the hassle and steps out of navigating the tech space. Less apps, more action.

2023 Macbook Pro Black Edition displaying icons of the three new chipsets


Windows Virtual Machine on Apple Silicon 2023

Learn how to setup Windows on Apple Silicon using UTM, a free and open-source virtualisation software.

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Phishing: Text Message Scams

Text scams are a real problem, but you don't have to be a victim. This article explains how text scams work, what to avoid, and how to stay safe online.

WWDC 2023


WWDC 2023: Key Highlights

Latest announcements and releases from Apple's Worldwide Developer conference.

ChatGPT Visual Design Xanzhu


ChatGPT: The Next Generation of AI Technology

Explore the power of AI and how it will continue to influence software. Our article covers upcoming solutions and news around ChatGPT and language models.

Logos of Bing, Google, and OpenAI


The Future of Search Engines, Redfined by AI

Uncover the potential of ChatGPT, the advanced AI language model, and how it will transform the way we search for information.

Microsoft Authenticator


2FA: Protect Against Phishing Scams

How Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) improves your online security and protects you from phishing scams

Icons of popular web browsers


Better Browsers for a better Web

2023's best browsers for improved web experience, speed and privacy all in one list

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Password Managers: Why You Need Them

Discover the best password managers for securing online accounts based on personal experience & research. Learn which ones to avoid. Keep your accounts safe.

Apple Silicon Chipset M1


Apple Silicon Virtual Machine Setup 2023

Learn to set up virtual machines on Apple Silicon using Parallels or UTM. Our guide covers installation, configuration, and running your first virtual machine.

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