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Reporting Phishing Scams

Don't Fall for Scams: Find resources to detect and report Phishing.

Phishing explained: A type of online scam where attackers trick individuals into providing sensitive information, such as login credentials or financial information. These scams can appear on websites, emails, and text messages and often take the form of links to popular websites or fake sites that look legitimate.

Detection: it is important to first check if the link has already been reported. There are several online services that can be used to scan the URL of the phishing link. It is important not to click on the link and instead, copy the link address and paste it into the scanning service.


  1. Virus Total, checks against 90 Security Vendors
  2. urlscan.io, provides helpful information about the website such as IP/domain details


  1. Google, blocks content across the google ecosystem.
  2. Microsoft, blocks content on edge and windows services

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